Dear colleagues and friends,
It is my privilege, honor and pleasure to invite you to take part in the JOINT MEETING OF THE ASSOCIATION OF NEUROSURGEONS OF RUSSIA, RUSSIAN ASSOCIATION OF SPINAL SURGEONS AND SERBIAN NEUROSURGICAL SOCIETY IN CONJUNCTION WITH CROATIAN SOCIETY FOR SPINE SURGERY, on the occasion of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Serbian Neurosurgical Society and Joint Meeting with Southeast European Neurosurgical Society, which will be held in NIŠ, SERBIA, OCTOBER 4-7, 2018. Russia and Serbia share a long tradition of cooperation and friendship, and this meeting is the result of long-lasting collaboration between Serbian and Russian Neurosurgical Societies, which has only intensified and become more successful over the past years.
The global theme of the meeting is SPINE SURGERY IN XXI CENTURY – Current Concept, Controversies, Perspectives. The scientific program will cover all treatment aspects of surgical pathology of the spine, from basic to innovative.
Serbian Neurosurgical Society is delighted that The Fourth Annual Meeting of Serbian Neurosurgical Society will feature renowned international experts, as well as prominent Russian and Serbian neurosurgeons, who will gather together in Niš in order to improve the quality of neurosurgical service and education today, for the sake of a better tomorrow.
Thereby we are also marking three important anniversaries – 95 years since the founding of neurosurgery in Serbia, 80 years of the Clinic of Neurosurgery at the Clinical Center of Serbia and 55 years of the Clinic for Neurosurgery at the Clinical Center Niš.
Continuing the good practice established at The First Annual Meeting of the Serbian Neurosurgical Society held in Belgrade in 2015, we are pleased to announce the annual Serbian Neurosurgical Society Best Young Neurosurgeon Paper Award for 2018, with international participation. Eligible for the award are scientific papers by young neurosurgeons (up to 40 years of age) from Serbia and abroad. The papers submitted for the award will be presented by their authors and assessed by a jury of national and international experts. We are also pleased to announce Young Neurosurgeons' Forum as a special segment of the academic program of the Congress. 
Leaning upon the strong foundations of tradition and experience and following contemporary professional accomplishments, trends and innovations, we strive for neurosurgery and neuroscience without frontiers and aim at building bridges of knowledge and understanding across disciplines, institutions, individuals and generations.
The host city of Niš, with its unique spirit, is a venue that is particularly well-suited to the concept of borderless cooperation. Nowadays the third largest city of Serbia, Niš has from ancient times been considered a gateway between the East and the West. Notably, it is the birthplace of Constantine the Great, who was the first Roman emperor to legalize Christianity along with other religions in the Roman Empire, and the founder of Constantinople as the capital of the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire. He was also the first ruler to establish public clinics throughout the Roman Empire where the poor, the injured and the helpless received medical care.
In the spirit of Constantine the Great's wise words –"With free minds" – we invite you to join us in Niš in October 2018, convinced that our gathering will provide many memorable scientific and social moments.
We look forward to welcoming you in Niš!
Prof. dr Lukas Rasulić
Honorary President of the Congress,
SNSS President,
School of Medicine University of Belgrade Head of Department of Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Functional Neurosurgery and Pain Management Surgery, Clinic for Neurosurgery, Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia
Vice-Chairman of the Peripheral Nerves Surgery Committee of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS),
SeENS President

Dear colleagues, friends!
It is a pleasure for us to invite you to the 
4th Annual meeting of the Serbian Neurosurgical Society and joint meeting "SPINE SURGERY IN 21 CENTURY – CURRENT CONCEPT, CONTROVERSIES, PERSPECTIVES" between the Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia, Russian Association of Spinal Surgeons and Serbian Neurological Society in conjunction with Croatian Society for Spine Surgery, to be held in Niš, Serbia, on 4-7 of October 2018.
Rapid development of our specialty, emergence of new technologies, modern neuroimaging techniques, improved methods of diagnostics have determined the main topics for discussions.
The interest towards this event is aroused by participation of outstanding neurosurgical faculty and experienced specialists in spinal neurosurgery from Russia and Serbia.
This is also a chance to outline the tasks for future perspective studies in spinal neurosurgery.
We are absolutely sure that beauty of the countryside and hospitality of the Serbian people will make your visit pleasant and unforgettable.
Welcome to Nis!
Best wishes,
Prof. Alexander Potapov
Director of N.N. Burdenko National Scientific & Practical Center for Neurosurgery
Honorary President of the Congress
Prof. Nikolay Konovalov
Head of Department of Spinal Neurosurgery at N.N. Burdenko National Scientific & Practical Center for Neurosurgery
Honorary President of the Congress

Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,
As the Honorary President of SouthEast Europe Neurosurgical Society and President of Croatian Society for Spine Surgery it is my great pleasure and honor thto announce and invite You to to the 4th Annual meeting of the Serbian Neurosurgical Society thand joint meeting "SPINE SURGERY IN 21 CENTURY-CURRENT CONCEPT, CONTROVERSIES, PERSPECTIVES" between the Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia, Russian Association of Spinal Surgeons and Serbian Neurological Society in conjunction with Croatian Society for Spine Surgery and the Southeast Europe Neurosurgical Society, to be held in Niš, Serbia, on October 4-7 2018.
The Southeast Europe Neurosurgical Society (SeENS, www.seens.eu) has been founded in 2012. SeENS has succeeded to rebuilt liasons and to make new once after a period of almost 20 years of poor comunication between colleagues in the SE Europe region. Currently SeENS is gathering neurosurgeons from 14 countries of the Southeast Europe region.
Rapid development of spine surgery, improved methods of diagnostics, new technologies and modern neuroimaging techniques have urged the need to organize such an event. 
Concerning the attractiveness of spine surgery the list of the invited speakers at this Joint meeting is impressive and includes the EuroAsian and World's leading experts in the field of neurosurgery. Over 100 active participants are expected to attend the Joint meeting.
This meeting will have the patronage and support of all important State and Academic Institutions of Republic of Serbia.
It is my great honor to invite You to participate at this Joint meeting and to discover and enjoy the beautiful city of Niš, were Emperor Constantin, the „Emperor of the Christian people“ was born.
I cordially invite You to Niš, Serbia, to experience and share noteworthy scientific and social moments.
Prof. dr Kresimir Rotim
SeENS Honorary President
President of the Croatian Society for Spine Surgery
Honorary President of the Congress