Dear colleagues, dear friends!
Welcome to the joint meeting SPINE SURGERY IN XXI CENTURY - Current concept, controversies, perspectives, organized by Association of Neurosurgeons of Russia, Russian Association of Spinal Surgeons and Serbian Neurosurgical Society in conjunction with Croatian Society for Spine Surgery, which will be held in Niš, Serbia, from October 4-7, 2018.
This important meeting will be held on the occasion of the 4th Annual meeting of Serbian Neurosurgical Society as a Joint meeting with Southeast Europe Neurosurgical Society
Thanks to the collaborative work of our societies a comprehensive scientific program will be put together covering all areas of interest in spinal neurosurgery.
No doubt, the spectrum of spine-related problems to be discussed and participation of outstanding neurosurgeons from different countries will make this event especially interesting.
We hope that picturesque surroundings, mild climate and exciting social programme will make your visit pleasant.
Welcome to Nis!
Yours sincerely,
Alexander Konovalov
President of the Association of neurosurgeons of Russia
Honorary President of the Congress
President of the Scientific Committee


Prof. Dr Alexander N. Konovalov, President, Russia
Prof. Dr Madjid Samii, Germany
Prof. Dr Amir Samii, Germany
Prof. Dr Karl Schaller, Switzerland
Prof. Dr Artem Gushcha, Russia
Prof. Dr Vladimir Klimov, Russia
Prof. Dr Sergey Kolesov, Russia
Prof. Dr Nikolay Konovalov, Russia
Prof. Dr Alexander Krutko, Russia
Prof. Dr Andrey Grin, Russia
Prof. Dr Anton Nazarenko, Russia
Prof. Dr Alexander Potapov, Russia
Prof. Dr Dmitry Ptashnikov, Russia
Prof. Dr Sergey Vissarionov, Russia
Prof. Dr Ivan Stefanovic, Serbia
Prof. Dr Milos Jokovic, Serbia
Prof. Dr Danilo Radulovic, Serbia
Prof. Dr Miodrag Rakic, Serbia
Prof. Dr Branko Djurovic, Serbia
Prof. Dr Kenan Arnautovic, USA
Prof. Dr Petar Vulekovic, Serbia
Dr Ljubodrag Minic, Serbia
Prof. Dr Vaso Antunovic, Serbia
Prof. Dr Miroslav Samardzic, Serbia
Prof. Dr Dmitry Asyutin, Russia
Prof. Dr Zdeslav Milinkovic, Serbia
Prof. Dr Harjinder Bhatoe, India
Prof. Dr Yavor Enchev, Bulgaria